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Telehouse Cape Town is situated in dedicated areas within the Teraco Data Environments Data Centres. The spaces are set up and managed according to strict Telehouse Global Standards. Telehouse customers receive continued Customer Services Support and Account Management from the team in the UK and in South Africa and Telehouse takes responsibility to manage the interface with local operations in South Africa. As an additional benefit, Telehouse can offer GBP billing, which may reduce the local currency risk.

Colocation facilities are available in managed client areas or a private cage for the client’s sole use.
Cabinets comprise of either 43 or 47U racks
An additional 200mm of depth is added per cabinet, making each cabinet 1200mm deep, allowing space for wiring, air flow and access
All cabinets have unique locks, ensuring that only approved personnel are able to gain access
Perforated front and back doors, allows for 86% air flow
Site walls are 600mm thick

Municipal power feed provides 1MVA to the data centre
Resilient diesel backup generators are fuelled to provide 5 days of power boosted by guaranteed diesel delivery should the municipal supply fail
Power is cascaded to multiple resilient distribution boards that enable the servicing of multiple zones
Fully online UPSs ensure frequency, voltage and surge stability
Power Distribution Unit technology is able to manage the power down to socket level within cabinets, in addition to remote management capabilities reducing the need to physically enter the site
Power is supplied in 1.1KVA increments, from 1.1KVA per cabinet upwards. Higher power configurations are available
Detailed measurement and proactive notification of power usage are effected via a Secure Client Portal
Air Conditioning and Cooling:
Multiple cooling zones with independent CRAC units
Temperature controlled and maintained between 22°C and 30°C
Relative humidity maintained between 40% and 60%
Hot aisle containment
Data centre positive pressure to ensure a dust-free environment
Independent humidity and temperature monitoring in all plenums

All major network operators present in the Carrier Hotel
There are interconnect cabinets on each row in the colocation area
Any point within the data centre can be connected to any other via multiple routes
Cabling for single and multimode fibre, Cat 6 UTP or GPO copper, can be arranged
All cabling vendors are certified
All cabling is managed by structured cabling policies and is implemented by Teraco technicians to guarantee availability

Fire Detection and Suppression:
Pro-active fire monitoring systems incorporating best practice fire protection and prevention procedures
There is multi-zone monitoring within all plenums and the energy centres
Diesel generators and tanks are physically separate
All monitoring and fire protection equipment is fed via an independant power source

Security Systems:
Comprehensive perimeter and building security, with ‘zones within zones’ for multiple levels of security
Pre-authorisation required for data centre access according to Teraco’s Access Policy
A visitor’s identity is visually confirmed against a picture on a named user list, with additional biometric confirmation through fingerprint imaging
Service areas are physically separated from data centre areas
Continuous video surveillance of all zones and cabinets
Comprehensive audit logs are maintained on all site access
Additional bespoke access policies can be implemented for private cage clients

Additional Specifications:
Routine daily, weekly and monthly maintenance is performed, without interruption to data centre services
Remote technician services are available 24/7 (Remote Hands)
An open market of interconnectivity is offered via network access points (NAPAfrica)
Remote power management is available




  • Website:
  • Address: Great Westerford Building, 240 Main Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa