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Red Rooster’s Slough Data Centre is a few minutes walk from Burnham rail station, at the heart of UK commerce and industry. Burnham rail station itself connects to London (under 15 minutes), and Maidenhead and Reading both under 45 minutes to the west. Red Rooster is built on a simple ethos of “Customer Comes First”.

Data centre is on a secure site, manned 24/7/365 and CCTV covers all entrances, exits and secure (data) areas of the facility. All data centre door access is logged and access to your racks is strictly limited to those you have authorised. Photographic ID is required to access the data centre, which is compared to identification on file for your approved team.

Red Rooster offers Business Continuity services to organisations of all sizes across the UK. The importance of connectivity cannot be understated. Data centre is connected directly to national fibre optic networks such as British Telecom and Virgin Media able to supply high speed, cost effective direct connections to any area of London, Reading and in many cases beyond. Alternatively for less intensive needs DC can provide portions of our highly resilient high performance internet links, which can be used to create VPN connections to your main offices and other sites.

Guarantee of 100% availability of internet connectivity and power, thanks to the implementation of on-site power generation and hot standby network routing equipment.

Red Rooster have elected not to install a raised floor in Slough Data Centre because clients are installing higher density equipment in their racks. DC provides power and data separately in above-rack conduit, allowing you to fully load your rack without fear of overloading traditional raised floor tiles, no floor lifting required.

Although due to various constraints it wasn’t possible to design a “green” data centre in Slough, Red Rooster has implemented a combination of passive and active air handling systems. They are able to maintain 22c +/- 2c throughout the data centre, often only activating energy hungry air conditioning in the height of summer.


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