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Portlane Data Center Stockholm

If you combine global connectivity and a modern data center in the heart of Scandinavia, you have got yourself a great foundation and stable grounds to secure your business core IT with.

That is what we do at Portlane, securing your IT and get it accessible world-wide by using our optimized infrastructure. This all starts in our data center just south of Stockholm and built to comply with our customers increasing demands of secure and reliable hosting.

Quick facts;

  • Built in 2012, expanded in 2015
  • 350m2 of used space, expandable up to 1000m2
  • Video surveillance, security patrol and advanced alarm systems
  • N+1 750kVA UPS from Emerson
  • 800kVA backup generator
  • Global connectivity with Portlane Backbone
  • Netnod, STHIX and SOLIX in-house


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  • Website:
  • Address: Västberga Allé 30 Hägersten, Sweden