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During the last 12 years, our team is constantly engaged in improvements in the field of hosting services. For this time we have prepared a number of our own solutions. Half of those years we studied, working in everyday system administration and DevOps tasks, supporting hosting companies, working with large number of datacenters.

Based on that work, and our experience in the field of hosting services we began to develop our own solutions to improve speed of downloading site, increasing conversion rate of website, monitoring and automation.


The first references to this issue date back to 2006 and before, and since then it’s importance only grows. On the internet you will find a lot of publications devoted to this topic, there are following with quite certain figures that visitors will not be wait for the site to open for more than 4 seconds, and in new investigation that numbers are lower by 2 seconds.

At the delay of opening page for 1 seconds, the conversion decreases by 7%, and that is a lot, and there is a fresh data indicating of 28%  loss – this unacceptable losses needs to be resolved urgently!


The solution of this question consist 3 parts:


  1. Optimized software code – the responsibility of software development, developer
  2. Computing resources – should be prepared for incoming, planned tasks
  3. High degree of availability of the project location (Data Center)



The first two issue could be resolved by specialists using tools which emulates load from “visitors”. There are several available solutions, that we have worked with, but we found some lack of features, so we developed our own: www.uptest.net



The third issue is solved by selecting a Data Center with high level of  availability in the first place for your target audience. How can this be done?

Again, there is large number of tools that internet offered us to check the speed of page loading.

Check from one point is uninteresting, from several point only some of services are checked.

We need verification to be from interesting points, so we created service www.mbps.net. With MBPS you can get information about time / speed of loading site from different point with the ability to add points you need, but this is also measurement of data at a certain point in time, and we need data on a regular basis. Here are the prerequisites that led to the creation of www.gosys.net. It is regular monitoring of the network pages on unloaded nodes, that creates an accessibility map for each of them. Based on the history of behavior of the test page, with this service you can choose a Data Center with the best availability characteristics for your site. WIth this service, we save time, nerves and money!


Among other services we present you beta version of our project MYDC.NET


This project is designed to increase the chances of start-up and e-commerce projects to succeed!


MYDC is Data Centers and hosting companies directory with company profiles and ranking, rating is based on the parameter availability from www.gosys.net.

We invite you to help clients to choose really suitable hosting for their websites.

Without pressure of advertising, without Data Center ratings based on their size, market share, and without fake reviews(often paid).

The main purpose of the project is to increase success / profitability of internet projects by helping them to improve time factor, better conversion rate of their sites, and before everything, to help them find quality hosting provider.


To cooperation on this project, we invite data centers, hosters, web developers and anyone interested in IT industry.


We use a lot of tools in our work, some of them are available for public use:

Like siteorg.com that allows you to monitor how much  download speed of a particular site is different from the download speed of the nearest test page. In addition, it tracks dozens of website parameters and reports problems.


Hotsys.net is the site of our devops team that develops and supports gosys/mydc backend as well as custom solutions for our customers.


bdos.net service, allowing you to connect your site to one of the ddos mitigation services and with easy switching between them you will be able to choose the most suitable.