We have distributed monitoring network. Every monitoring agent periodically checks all others by downloading test page. It measures and stores load time to database. Then we calculate data center Rank based on average load time in Region, Continent and World. Ranking system goes from 0  lowest and to 10 for maximum rank.


We will show you simple steps on how we create ranks:


Solution #1

You provide us with a vps/server, this means that you give us a full (root) access to your server.

We will then place test files on your vps/server in order any client could test ping and download speed.

That vps/server will be connected to our internal monitoring network and will be used for data centers ranking.


Solution #2

You upload our test files to your web server and send us a url, so we can add that url to our monitoring network.

Here you can download files:




To get the best ranking results we have some server requirements:

1. At least 512MB RAM
2. 5GB HDD
3. Network port – best you can provide because it will affect data center Rank. Current traffic consumption is about 1TB/month, but it will grow.


To add your data center or hosting company please follow this link. Add your hosting company

If you have some additional questions please contact us