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Manhattan Island is home to Wall Street, NASDAQ and the epicenter of global wealth management in the second largest city economy in the world. Our three data center facilities are strategically located across New York City and directly connected to each other, to create a platform we refer to as “The NYC Trifecta.”

New York City continues to dominate the world stage in both economy and business. To its credit, the city has invested heavily in the technology sector. In fact, in 2012, more than 100 NYC-based tech firms sold for $8.3 billion. While the financial markets are still king, tech startups and technology giants alike are quickly taking their place in this high-profile, world-class city.

New York, 32 Avenue of the Americas

Strategically located at 32 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Avenue, NYC3 is Digital Realty’s third NYC based data center and sixth within the greater NY/NJ metro area. Occupying an initial 72,000 sq.ft. on multiple floors, NYC3 allows Digital Realty to offer unparalleled levels of connectivity, resiliency and service throughout the metro with key assets in the three most sought after strategic locations for network connectivity in Manhattan.

NYC3’s (32 Avenue of the Americas) Interconnection Center leverages Digital Realty’s dense connectivity environments at both NYC1 (60 Hudson) and NYC2 (111 8th Ave) offering the collective Digital Realty customer base access to over 600+ network alternatives and more than 550,000 sq.ft. In combination with Digital Realty’s Tier III Clifton, NJ campus, Digital Realty offers the most robust, connected and comprehensive set solutions in the Tri-State area with significant capacity for customer growth requirements.

Facility specs
Building Description

    27 Story, 1.15M sq ft

Utility Power Capacity

    9.5 MW

UPS Power Capacity

    1.2 MW

UPS Redundancy


Security Features

    24×7 Onsite Security Personnel
    CCTV Camera Systems
    Biometric and Proximity Badge Access


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  • Address: New York, 32 Avenue of the Americas