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Digital Realty built the global standard for technical real estate, developing a unique capability to acquire, manage, and scale data center campuses. Now, Digital Realty is building a unique ecosystem of open solutions that power customer growth through exceptional service on a foundation of unrivaled data center expertise.
Atlanta serves as a hub for transportation and global logistics, and is ranked 5th in overall employment nationally. It has also been named the nation’s 2nd most wired city, and as the most favorable U.S. city for data centers. Ranking in the top 10 as an “American City of the Future,” by FDI Magazine, Atlanta has a reputation as a well-tuned economic engine, and as one of the crown jewels of the Southeast.

Austin, 7500 Metro Center Drive
From Disaster Recovery for a global finance leader, to High Performance Computing for the innovator in Internet of Things, Austin Data Center is trusted by companies across the country. Companies like ARM Holdings, Dell, Whole Foods and National Instruments have built a presence in Austin as a city with global recognition for its high quality of life and dynamic high-tech economy. Over 138,700 students attending 23 local colleges and universities provide a wealth of available talent and have created a hotbed of commercialization. South by Southwest festival (SXSW) demonstrates Austin’s unique ability to enable convergence between creative and high-tech industries.

Facility specs
Building Description

    Single Story + Mezzanine 85,688 sq ft

Flood Zone

    Outside of 100 year flood plain

Seismic Zone

    Zone 0

Utility Power Capacity

    Dual 8 MW electrical feeds from redundant substations

UPS Redundancy


Power Density

    105 watt per sq ft

Generator Power Capacity

    12.5 MW

Cooling Redundancy

    2N Chillers and N+1(CRAH)

Fiber and Building Entry

    Dual Path


  • Website:
  • Address: Austin, 7500 Metro Center Drive