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Cologix operates seven discrete Toronto data centres at 151 Front Street, Canada’s largest and most important carrier hotel.

The Toronto colocation facilities at 151 Front Street maintain unsurpassed levels of security, reliability and connectivity.

In addition to carrier density, Toronto is a centre for financial services and a natural network point for cloud/hosting and large enterprise networks.


FACILITY 25,000 gross SQF across 7 discrete data centres Canada’s largest & most important carrier hotel Multiple deployment options ranging from carriers to enterprise: Standard Connections, cabinets, cages, & private pods & suites APC hot aisle containment pods (premium dedicated pod options for 10+ cabinets) Concrete & steel structure

POWER Up to 15 KW/cabinet Concurrent maintainability 150 watts per SQF N (single UPS & single generator) or 2N (redundant UPS & generator) configurations Diverse power entrances & automatic transfer switches (ATSs)

COOLING Redundant, on-site backup chillers Chilled water loop connected to energy-efficient Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling system leverages cold water from Lake Ontario to cool the building Technology-forward hot aisle containment system with dynamic in-row cooling (N+1) 3,000 ton cooling capacity Steam humidification


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  • Address: 151 Front St W Toronto, ON M5J 2N1, Canada