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Syncom operates two datacentres, the first based at the edge of the Brisbane CBD in Milton, and the second newly renovated Sydney Facility, S4. Formerly known as E3 Networks Brisbane and Pegasus Data Centres, Syncoms secure co-location facility, provides wholesale data centre services such as co-location and IP transit services for the individual through to large corporates.
The team behind Syncom Datacentres have been involved in building first class facilities for over 10 years.
The original facility was located on Wharf st, Brisbane, named the “Pegasus Data Centre”. The building in its entirety later became NextDC’s brisbane data centre. While the Wharf St facility was in operation, under the name of E3 Networks, two new facilities were built in Sydney and Melbourne. These later sold to Vocus, who operate the facilities today. Under the Syncom name are two facilities, Brisbane B1, located on the edge of the CBD at Milton, and the newly renovated Sydney facility, Sydney S4, at St Leonards in the northern suburbs.

B1 Data Centre

The Syncom Brisbane facility is an Internet Data Centre (IDC) specialising in co-location from solo traders through to corporates with 300sqm of DC floor space.
Operating from dedicated power transformers supplying 1MW available power, B1 is currently a Tier II facility, with plans to upgrade the facility to Tier III if the need arises. B1 also features dedicated inrow APC UPS units and ample onsite parking.


Power Available – 1x 1MVA transformers on diverse feeds (2×1)
UPS – Yes (Battery)
Generators – Yes
Fuel Supply – 24 hour
Fuel supply – onsite
Fuel Contracts – Yes (24x7x365)
Fire Detection – VESDA
Carrier Neutral – Yes
Diverse Network Entry Points – Yes


  • Website:
  • Address: 14 Finchley St, Milton, QLD