What benefits you can get from participating in the MYDC project?

First of all, our goal is to provide fair and objective information and statistics for people who want to choose right hosting location based on real facts. At the moment the industry of hosting lacks clear statistics for end customers so most often you can only rely on marketing promises, size of company and price. We want to show just real numbers and most important at the moment is load time of test page. This time includes many parameters, but this is what really matters to visitors. You can check details here

Data Centers

You can share information about you, your advantages and your promos with the target audience. Our visitors are looking for this information. Also our objective ranking system will show to our visitors how good you are. And you will see how good you are comparing your competitors. This information could help you become better and could be internet become better and faster. If all websites will be placed in right locations, then visitors will enjoy fast services, Internet backbones will not be overloaded and even power consumption will decrease.

Hosting Providers

Any hoster can provide information about services it provides in the particular Data Center. You can tell about yourself, your advantages and promos and place URLs for test files. Also if you confident in quality of your service, you can provide VPS for our monitoring agent and participating in our ranking system for hosting providers. Good fair rank could tell more than many marketing promises. Besides marketing information we ask you for your legal information and contacts so our visitors could trust you more.

Web developers

Your clients will be grateful if you not just create great website but also recommend them right place to host it, so the website could grow well. Also we can provide load testing a set the website for monitoring. No one wants to see as his e-commerce website is down during sales season because of overloaded hosting server.