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The Data Center IT2 is a privately owned facility and is located in the city of Arezzo, in Tuscany. It is easily reached from Rome, Milan, Florence and Bologna. It’s also connected with the DC IT1 in Arezzo through privately owned optical fibres on separate paths.

Technical details:

  • Size: 2000 sq. m
  • Capacity: over 10.000 physical servers
  • Type of building: reinforced concrete
  • Property: privately owned
  • Number of floors with server rooms: 2
  • Number of IT areas: 3
  • High density: yes
  • Maximum floor load capacity (Kg/sq. m): 500
  • Maximum height of raised floor (mm): 500
  • Height between raised floor and false ceiling (m): 3
  • Unpacking room: yes
  • Outdoor battery buildings: yes
  • Uptime: the data center has 99,97% uptime since its opening in May 2003

DC has a few floors structure:

Ground floor plan


In order to optimize the layout, the network cabling of the main server room has been divided into 10 “islands”, each with 70 racks. The islands each have dedicated switches and routers. The structure of the data center provides maximum security as the server room is isolated in a building made of reinforced concrete. The following elements, batteries, generators and transformers, are separated from the server room and located in special buildings.

First floor plan


Aruba data centers ensure high flexibility and maximum resilience.

The maintenance of the power system is performed using the latest, most advanced technologies. The cooling system, essential in order to run and for the maintenance of the machines, is protected by UPS and is redundant. Furthermore, the safeguard of the cooling power is managed through a partitioning of the airflow avoiding the mixture of cold air of the air-conditioning and heated air of the servers through the use of a Free Cooling system. In order to guarantee the highest level of security, all the batteries are fitted outside of the building which houses the server rooms.



DC IT2 – Arezzo
Total power supply capacity (MVA) 2,5
Fuel support at full capacity (hours) 20
Type of UPS Double conversion UPS
Autonomy of UPS (minutes) 30
UPS redundancy 2N
Redundancy of generators N+1



DC IT2 – Arezzo
Type of air conditioning Direct-expansion, Free Cooling
Number of CCU units 25
Cooling redundancy N+2



Designed, built and managed to provide maximum security to Aruba Spa customers. All the environments and systems have been designed down to the smallest details to ensure maximum security of the businesses that DC host.
The system is equipped with UPS devices in both power supply lines. Logical diagram of the redundant conditioning unit power supply system.

Redundancy of server power supply
Logical diagram of the redundant server power supply system. The system is equipped with STS devices, capable of switching the power supply from one line to the other without disrupting the service.



Continuity of the service is guaranteed thanks to:

  • Server rooms powered by two twin power centers “STS devices” (Static Transfer Switch)
  • Physical separation of the power centers from the server rooms (REI 120)
  • Buildings designed for hosting the server rooms and power supply system
  • Physical separation between the power centers
  • Fire-proof walls and doors (REI 120)

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  • Address: Via Sergio Ramelli, 8, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italy