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We place the equipment on our own technical site. The power of the data center (MW): 0.5 MW.

The data center is conveniently located near the central part of the city. In terms of reliability, the data center fully complies with the Tier-III standard with a predicted service availability factor of 99.982%. The data center is neutral and open for cooperation with all telecom operators.

The data center is a full-fledged “telehouse”, i.e. site with a neutral accessibility. At the same time, we do not have licenses for communication services and we give our clients complete freedom in choosing the providers represented in our data center or the possibility of unimpeded entry of their own FOCL. We also provide an opportunity to connect to the largest Russian exchange site for traffic NSK IX.

The main activity of the company is providing high-quality services of a hosting provider based on its own data center, as well as a number of additional services and services. We have a professional team of engineers and a round-the-clock on duty shift, providing comprehensive technical support for the client equipment.


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