Hello all.

We’d like to introduce our project mydc.net. Our goal there is to help all people who want to find really best place for their website. We believe that load time of website is one of most important thing for success, especially for e-commerce websites. And even a good service provider can’t be best for every location, you need to choose the right hosting provider for the right location.

For example, even the best European data center will not be the best for the Australian market and vice versa. Therefore, beside data centers technical and marketing information, we created Rank system based on test page download speed (https://mydc.net/how-it-works/). At the moment we have our monitoring agents in 100+ data centers and we will increase this amount to get more precise data. Also we’re adding hosting service providers who operate in every data center. Those hosters who provide VPS for our monitoring agent also participate our ranking and will get detailed report about state of provided services.

Our team has big experience with web hosting. We worked with large number of data centers and every time we going to start working with new data center, we have to pass long procedure to collect all needed information. All marketing information we can easily find on the data center’s website. But to find out how good the DC we must order VPS, add it to our monitoring system, gather monitoring data couple of months and finally made conclusion. And even after that we need to continue to monitor situation because network connectivity changes every minute. It’s oblivious that not every website owner can do this work for several data centers in the desired area to choose best one. So we decided to create public service and share our knowledge to anybody who cares about its visitor convenience and deep client satisfaction. We already placed test pages in many locations and calculate Rank based on last 3 month stats.