UK2 Group Launches Premium WordPress Hosting, SEO Tool

UK2 Group announced on Monday that it has launched premium WordPress hosting and Website SEO Guru services for customers of its UK2.net, Midphase and Westhostweb hosting companies.

The company said its Premium WordPress Hosting package is designed for users with content-rich websites, and is based on Virtual Private Servers with SSD drives. Customers of its premium package will benefit from faster page load times withCloudFlare and NGINX high-performance load balancing.

Hosted WordPress and premium packages around WordPress hosting have become more popular as users look for ways to optimize WordPress sites in terms of speed and security. Despite Google discontinuing its website optimization service this past August, page speed is still a critical factor in search engine ranking.

“Businesses succeed or fail based on the speed of their website and its position in search results,” John Morris, Chief Executive Officer for UK2 Group, said in a statement. “These new products help customers get an edge online by optimising their online presence for speedy load times and by providing insight on how best to build awareness online.”

“Page load times can make or break a sale online because potential customers will browse away from unresponsive sites. Premium WordPress Hosting makes it easy to offer fast-loading, engaging and content rich websites.”

SEO Website Guru is an automated tool that analyzes website performance to suggest changes to content that will help make the website more discoverable online.

The tool looks at factors including content tags and page load times, guiding users through suggestions that will help them improve search engine rankings.

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