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Safe and prestigious location in the building of the Gdansk Science and Technology Park – Technology
The building is located on a hill, there is a flood risk area, 2km from the center of Gda?sk, 60 meters above sea level in the immediate vicinity lack of potentially dangerous objects
No additional floors in the building of the chamber server
The chamber server built a thick wall without windows, located 6 meters above ground level (no flooding of the chamber)
Facilities include an additional storage area and office
For infrastrukty Data Center should also include a ramp and a lift goods transport with road transport for heavy and large equipment

area co-location – more than 400m2
ideal location in the GSTP
redundant air conditioning system
backup power system cabinets
energetic safety
several telecom operators
professional, lockable rack 19 ”
detection system and smoke alarm / fire
automatic neutral gas quenching
physical security and camera system 24/7/365

Efficient three-phase high power UPS
Automatic switching to power supplies from its own generator with a supply of fuel for at least 72 hours
Self transformer station facility directly connected to of Main with power to spare


  • Website:
  • Address: ul. Trzy Lipy 3, 80-172 Gda?sk, Poland