CE Colo is a leading provider of state-of-the-art carrier-neutral data center services in the Czech Republic. CE Colo was established through acquisition of Sitel Data Center (SDC) in January 2011. CE Colo owns and operates data center facility in Prague.

CE Colo facilitiy provides key interconnection points for the Internet.

CE Colo is focused on providing its customers the data center infrastructure needed to grow their businesses.

Our data center provides secure and connected environments where customers connect house and distribute mission-critical data, web content and media.

Data Center


The power availability of electricity is one of the most important parts of a data center and therefore is protected against the failure of electric utility power grid by diesel generators and UPS systems.

The power configuration for the customers’ room, cage, cabinet or rack of equipment depends on respective customers’ requirements. We can supply both AC/DC power with a required redundancy up to 2N+1.

The basic options we supply are:

  • AC 230 volts or 400 volts (16Aps standard, 32 or 63 Amp upon request)
  • DC Voltage: 48 Volt DC available A/B

Our GenSets can operate in an uninterrupted fashion for at least 24 hours without refueling. We also have emergency refueling contract in place with goverment owned ?EPRO company and we are also part of critical infrastructure in case of a crisis.


Our customers require and expect the highest level of security for their technologies and it is our mission to fulfill these expectations.

CE Colo data center is therefore characterized by several layers of security both physical and non physical. Through proven processes and procedures we run our data center in day to day operations.

  • Continuous 24/7/365 monitoring of the data center premisses by CCTV system
  • Specially trained uniformed guards on duty with an ESS (Electronic Security System) support
  • Separation of the facility into security zones through which movement is controlled using an electronic access-control system
  • Security procedures for any data center operational scenarios
  • Central gas suppression system – Inergen gas + local FM200
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm Systems)


Access to the data center is controlled and logged. There are several layers of access. Customers’ employees who visit our data center on a regular basis receive a permanent access badge. Each customer assigns one or more employees the ability to authorize access for individuals that may need to enter a CE Colo data center occasionally. When entering data center, each visitor’s identity is verified by CE Colo staff.

The movement of visitors is monitored by security cameras and access control systems (magnetic cards or biometric readers). CCTV monitors are placed at all entrances, doors and open spaces in the data center. Camera recordings are maintained up to 30 days.
An alarm system is activated in the event of a security breach and it is linked to the central control room.


  • 4000+ m2 combined co-location space
  • 2 Data Centers
  • 60 cm. raised floor
  • Customizable private cages and suites
  • Dedicated Power and Data cable trays
  • Diverse cable entrances to the buildings
  • Diverse physical paths for all cabling


  • 3x 10 000 V power feeds from three different substations (redundant paths)
  • A+B+C transformers with total power of 3750 KVA
  • Own distribution substation
  • 6 alternative Diesel Generator groups with total power 4.8 MW
  • 6 groups Independent (N+1) UPS 220V AC power feeds
  • 8 groups Independent (N+1) -48V DC power feeds
  • 100+ tons of UPS batteries


  • Two independent duct entrances to the building, not sharing common route
  • Very near location to the City`s largest cable collector
  • Dedicated Meet Me Rooms for building inter connects
  • Separate A+B overhead cable trays for data cable management
  • Large variety of optical patch cords on stock, for fast cross-connect delivery

The idea of creating a data center appeared in 2009. At that time, Nizhny Novgorod did not have any regional data center that could provide a really high level of service and data processing.
Data of large companies and enterprises was kept in the offices and on foreign servers.

Planned works on the creation of the Komplex-Host data center began in 2010:

  • We developed and implemented a multi-level security system (from the twenty-four-hour control of the private security service to video surveillance and calls for RRT (Rapid response team)
  • We established modern network equipment (Komplex-Info collaborates with the world leader in the field of telecommunication technology – the Juniper Network company), as well as systems of uninterruptible power supply (UPS NEUHAUS and diesel generator Cummins) and precision air conditioning Stulz (Germany) – for stable and continuous operation of the equipment
  • In 2012, the Komplex-Info company opened the first commercial data center Komplex-Host in Nizhny Novgorod

To date, Komplex-Host is a single high-tech system of processing and storage of data, services and applications:

  • specialized engineering and telecommunications equipment from industry leaders
  • full range of services to ensure the servers (Colocation, Dedicated, LIR, rental of software, technical support 24/7/365)
  • high-speed communication channels with minimal latency (3 operators x 10 Gb /s) fast access to equipment and technical support of the customers 24/7/365

Sprint SA is one of the leaders in the market of professional IT systems integration and advanced communications solutions. For over twenty years we have created and designed professional systems using the latest technologies.

The main server room placed in Sprint Data Center in Olsztyn, is ready to take 60 42U server racks. The air-conditioned room has a system equipped with a strict access control, a non-combustible technical floor and High Power Sector with intelligent floor ventilation system. An emergency power is supplied by a generator of 1000 HP with the possibility of continuous operation. All the elements are watched by VESDA fire protection system which is integrated with an aerosol fire extinguishing system.

Sprint Data Center has been designed and built with the use of the latest technologies applied in the construction of facilities of Data Center class. Our center received the result of 3/4 TIER in TIA standard (Telecommunications and Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers).

Quality certifications – ISO 9001, NATO AQAP 2210, WSK

Sprint Data Center offers products and services of the highest quality as evidenced by ISO 9001 Certification, AQAP 2110 Certification (NATO quality management system) as well as WSK (Internal Control System) Certificate. Sprint is one of two companies in Poland complying with NATO AQAP 2210 (concerning software quality assurance).

THC Servers was born in 2013 from the desire of two college buddies to offer everyone the possibility to create and develop a web presence at affordable prices.

Fast & Secure Hosting

Built without compromising quality all our servers use state-of-the-art technologies and a robust network with 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Powerful Intel Xeon processors, more than enough RAM memory and lightning fast SSD or HDD for a higher storage capacity ensure the best performance imaginable while our advanced security system ensures that your website and customers stay safe.

At we believe that by offering the lowest prices possible for our products and services we encourage a faster growth for our customers’ businesses.

We are honest people and this reflects in our pricing policy: no hidden fees and no additional charges. You will enjoy the same low prices for renewals as you did when you signed up for our great services.

Data center WIBODC was launched in July 2012. It is the first professional commercial Data center in Kiev, Ukraine. Reliability of the Data center corresponds to the Tier 2 international classifier. Approximate capacity of the first server room of WIBODC is 14 cabinets with 45U capacity, in which can be placed more than 600 units of active equipment.


The total electric power of the first Data center server room is 80 kW. For each cabinet is allocated up to 6 kVA.
Automatic input power backup (ATS) production of MADEK (Ukraine) provides power management of Data center. The power supply circuit is arranged as follows: two input of ATS take inputs from different substations (one of which serves as the primary, and the secondary – as a backup), and a third input connected to a diesel generator FG WILSON (UK).
If power is lost from the primary substation (first input), automatically switches to the power from backup substation – the second input of ATS. In case of any problems at the two inputs of substations in the same, within 60 seconds automatically diesel generator starts, that can fully provides power for Data center during 11 hours without refueling.
Each cabinet is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply by APC (USA), which is able to provide work of server and network equipment in continuous mode during 20-30 minutes, which is more than enough to switch to self-powered from the diesel generator.
The cable system of Data center is structured, the cables are placed in specialized wire trays above telecommunications cabinets. For the power management of cabinets are used circuit breakers production of Schneider Electric.


Juniper MX80

The network infrastructure core of Data center – the heart of WIBODC, built based on one of the best-in-class solutions from Juniper Network.

  • FG WilsonOur diesel generator is capable of providing autonomous operation of all Data center units during 11 hours without refueling.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesThe air conditioning system of industrial level from MHI maintains optimal temperature in hot and cold corridors of the Data center server room.

Network and communication

WIBODC located in the immediate vicinity to the fiber lines of backbone ISPs. Because of this, data center provided by two independent fiber inputs. The network infrastructure is built based on High-end class equipment from Cisco and Hewlett-Packard (USA). At the head of rack switches is the infrastructure core, built based on switch Juniper EX3300 and router Juniper MX80 (USA), which allows to provide the total network capacity of the Data center up to 80 Gbit/s. The basic units of communication infrastructure are duplicated on the principle of N+1, and the total capacity of the WIBODC channels at the moment is 4 Gbit/s, and regularly increased.

DC4 benefits of an exceptional localization in Paris’ city center. The facility offers a very high-secure, power-protected environment. It allows to house and operate mission-critical equipments and enables customers to achieve fast and well their entry to critical markets.


  • Total surface area of 7,000 square meters
  • 24×7 on-site fully managed NOC
  • 3 Meet-Me-Rooms
  • 3 IT rooms
  • 26 meters underground nuclear fallout shelter
  • Built around Tier-III standard


  • Free-cooling system
  • Redundant air conditioning and cooling systems
  • Excess heat generated used to help warm nearby buildings
  • Realtime monitoring and automatic regulation
  • Optimized cold aisle containment


  • Secured loading docks
  •  24×7 on-site security guard
  •  Internal and External CCTV with complete site coverage
  •  Biometric scan & RFID badges
  • Alarms monitored 24×7
  • Water mist system
  •  VESDA smoke detectors


  •  Secured loading docks
  • 24×7 on-site security guard
  • Internal and External CCTV with complete site coverage
  • Biometric scan & RFID badges
  •  Alarms monitored 24×7
  • Water mist system
  • VESDA smoke detectors


  • Rack, cold aisle containment, private cage, private suite
  • Remote Hands services 24×7
  •  On-site build & storage room
  • Managed office
  • Meeting room
  • Equipment lending

First of all, our goal is to provide fair and objective information and statistics for people who want to choose right hosting location based on real facts. At the moment the industry of hosting lacks clear statistics for end customers so most often you can only rely on marketing promises, size of company and price. We want to show just real numbers and most important at the moment is load time of test page. This time includes many parameters, but this is what really matters to visitors. You can check details here

Data Centers

You can share information about you, your advantages and your promos with the target audience. Our visitors are looking for this information. Also our objective ranking system will show to our visitors how good you are. And you will see how good you are comparing your competitors. This information could help you become better and could be internet become better and faster. If all websites will be placed in right locations, then visitors will enjoy fast services, Internet backbones will not be overloaded and even power consumption will decrease.

Hosting Providers

Any hoster can provide information about services it provides in the particular Data Center. You can tell about yourself, your advantages and promos and place URLs for test files. Also if you confident in quality of your service, you can provide VPS for our monitoring agent and participating in our ranking system for hosting providers. Good fair rank could tell more than many marketing promises. Besides marketing information we ask you for your legal information and contacts so our visitors could trust you more.

Web developers

Your clients will be grateful if you not just create great website but also recommend them right place to host it, so the website could grow well. Also we can provide load testing a set the website for monitoring. No one wants to see as his e-commerce website is down during sales season because of overloaded hosting server.

How to choose a web hosting service?

What you should pay attention to?

In today’s world the Internet has penetrated deep into all areas of our life and its influence is fast growing. Many of us have already created own web projects, others are going to create, all together leads to constantly  growth of the demand for hosting services. So what aspects should be considered when choosing a web hosting for your site?

Your resource should be convenient for visitors.

If you also think so, we immediately note that the load speed of your websites and an intuitive interface are important. Creating an intuitive interface is a developer job, but the website’s loading speed refers to the code optimization, tuning and processing power of the server, as well as the level of connectivity of the data center with Internet segments. The last two aspects are directly related to hosting. The level of connectivity is determined by the speed of data transfer requested by users, it is naturally very important that this happens without interruptions and delays.

In our MYDC ranking system we collect indicators of the level of connectivity of different locations, by continuously monitoring test pages on data center services. The obtained data are united in RANK system. Monitoring is performed from more than 100+ locations in different segments of the Internet. The selection and tuning  the service processing power refers to the qualifications of the system administrators of the hosting provider you have chosen, or your own system administrators. The legal status of your future hosting provider is also important, in order to avoid adverse consequences in the future, including financial ones. With this goal, we invite all data centers and hosting providers to create, fill in and manage their own pages on our website, so that visitors could get the most complete and current information about those to whom they entrust their resources.

For completeness, we want to remind you of the importance of regular backups and monitoring the availability of your resource.

European hosting company with its own data center. We offer SSD VPS hosting, dedicated servers, SSL certificates as well as collocation.

The company has 20 employees and has existed since 2003

Equinix this week announced partnerships with two very different cloud service providers.

One is with the German enterprise software giant SAP, whose Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud infrastructure can now be accessed directly via private network links inside Equinix data centers. SAP has second-largest CRM market share after Salesforce.

The other deal is with Rescale, a provider of high-performance computing infrastructure as a service. Rescale’s IaaS cloud is also now accessible by Equinix customers through direct connections that bypass the public internet. Rescale will offer access to its new ScaleX HyperLink infrastructure to meet enterprise users’ burst requirements. In other words, if your on-premises data center cannot handle a spike in demand, you’ll be able to add cloud capacity temporarily using this service.

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European hosting company with its own data center. We offer SSD VPS hosting, dedicated servers, SSL certificates as well as collocation.

The company has 20 employees and has existed since 2003