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We operate in the IT market since the late nineties. Creativity, reliability, intimate knowledge of technology and the experience translate our work into success.

Every business requires individual solutions.

We create solutions designed to bring benefits to their owners. To complete our tasks we choose the best specialists. We accurately analyze customer needs, choose the right technologies and we help reaching the target audience.

Outsourcing network infrastructure

Our aim is to provide you with a 100% outsourcing of network infrastructure – dedicated servers, collocation, servers and telecommunications equipment delivery, data transmission, Internet access, server administration and advanced network systems. You do not have to select various suppliers of equipment and solutions. You can get everything in one place.

Data Center specification

meets the requirements of Tier-3 standards ANSI/TIA-942
guaranteed uninterruptible power system (UPS and power generator)
redundant cooling system
data center is connected to a fiber optic ring with two separate routes
redundancy of network devices
dedicated vlan (1Mbit-10Gbit) and the lease of dark fiber to nodes of other operators in Poland
the entire infrastructure is based on the best solution providers, such as: EATON, Moeller, APC, Hewlett-Packard
raised floor based on steel profiles with a lifting capacity 1500 kg/m2
hot/cold corridor system
security and monitoring facility
fire protection system
server room built with thick walls without windows
server room is 4 meters above ground level (no flooding)
the building is located on a hill, it is not in the floodplain
2 km from the center of Gdansk, 70 meters above sea level
no additional floors in the building above the Data Center
there are no potentially dangerous objects in the immediate area, such as gas stations


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  • Address: 80-807 Gdansk ul. Bieganskiego 10/22 Poland, EU