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ATM is the owner and operator of 3 data centers in Poland. That equals 13,600 sq m of technical space with guaranteed power supply (42 MW) and emergency power supply including UPS systems, redundant AC, extensive communications infrastructure, fire protection systems, physical and electronic security in the facilities, as well as 24-hour monitoring. Our data center clients are certain that up-to-date technical systems and qualified staff take care of their servers and IT systems.

Basic benefits of locating IT infrastructure in our data centers:

Cost optimization
Stable access to stored data
Secure technical environment
Service and technical support 24h/7

Atman Data Center Warsaw-2 (formerly Thinx Poland DC) is a telecommunications center dedicated to telecommunications operators and Web portals. Located in Warsaw, with 3,700 sq m of colocation area and 16 MW of guaranteed power supply, it provides the customers with perfect technical conditions.

Total size of the facility: 3,700 sq m (39,800 sq ft)

External cabling: Diverse cabling via ducts entering the building from 3 different sides. Cables are routed securely to the ODF in the MMR
Internal cabling: Standard: 4×UTP from cabinet to MMR1 or MMR2. On request: UTP, SMF, MMF from cabinet to MMR1 or MMR2
Fibers: Atman, BlueLeaf, CityStrada, DotCom, Emitel, eTop, Exatel, Inwep, ITSA, Lukman, NASK, Netia, Nitronet, Orange, Polkomtel, SPEC, SpeedSoft, Telco, Tele-B, Tel-Nap, Tel-Team, TK Telekom, T-Mobile, UPC, VirtuaOperator

Power supply
Power supply: 16 MW (dual-feed)
Transformers: 4 units of total power 6,400 kVA
Power distribution: 230 V / 400 V AC (2N), distributed via dual independent circuits to cabinet level
Power: 4×16 A (2A+2B) per cabinet. Other circuits possible on request
Power density: Up to 10 kW per cabinet. High density solutions possible on request
UPS system (presently): 4,000 kVA static UPS
Diesel gensets (presently): 2 units of total power 4,400 kVA

Fire Protection
Fire detection system: Multi-sensor smoke detection and early smoke detection systems
Fire suppression system:
• Gas (Inergen) fire extinguishing system. Automatic fire suppression system in the equipment rooms
• 120-minute fire resistance

Systems of quality and information security management:
• ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified by the British Standards Institution
• ISO 9001:2008 certified by the British Standards Institution


  • Website:
  • Address: Grochowska 21a 04-186 Warsaw, Poland