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ATM is the owner and operator of 3 data centers in Poland. That equals 13,600 sq m of technical space with guaranteed power supply (42 MW) and emergency power supply including UPS systems, redundant AC, extensive communications infrastructure, fire protection systems, physical and electronic security in the facilities, as well as 24-hour monitoring. Our data center clients are certain that up-to-date technical systems and qualified staff take care of their servers and IT systems.

Basic benefits of locating IT infrastructure in our data centers:

Cost optimization
Stable access to stored data
Secure technical environment
Service and technical support 24h/7

Convenient location for companies seated in southern Poland

In the very center of Katowice – easy access to colocated devices
In the Altus office building – one of state-of-the-art buildings in Poland that meets the highest quality and security standards
Excellent connectivity – Altus makes up a large telecommunications hub

Two separate fiber-optic routes to the building
Connections with the ?DOKP and PSE Jordana St. nodes in Katowice
Presence of many carriers (Atman, GTS CE, NASK, Netia, Orange, and Polkomtel among others)
Location of Thinx Internet Exchange access node
Secure technical environment (fully equipped server rooms with all necessary safety precautions)
ATMAN Data Center KatowiceRedundant fiber-optic lines
Primary and back-up guaranteed power supplies
Air conditioning
Fire protection system
Access control
Atman Data Center Katowice (KTW-1) offer

Colocation of a single unit
Colocation of 19″ rack
Dedicated locked box (ensures separation of data processing systems from the environment)
Internet access
Colocation of radio antennas (availability of using the aerial mast and the building roof space).


  • Website:
  • Address: Uniwersytecka 13 40-007 Katowice, Poland