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3S Data Center is a cluster of data centers which comprises three existing facilities of data center, Tier III class in Katowice and a new 3S BOX facility which is currently built in Warsaw.

The physical safety of 3S Data Center is based on security, access control and monitoring systems. In the facilities, there are modern fire protection solutions. Air-conditioning and anti-dust protection contribute to the maintaining of the correct operating environment for servers; it is supervised by a team of engineers monitoring the Data Center (DC) in 24/7 system. Detailed information on 3S Data Center Cluster facilities is availablehere.

Selected assets of 3S Data Center facility in Katowice

Optimal localization:
perfect localization outside the industrial and flooded area,
two access routes to the facilities,
data center premises belonging to 3S Group,
proximity of transport nodes and highways.

Physical and power safety
freecooling, cooling systems based on freon and ice water,
independent distributors of electricity, power generation units with Diesel engines and oil-gas turbines,
Nitrogen and Inergen extinguishing systems, VESDA,
independent power lines and gas terminals,
redundant UPS systems,
redundant power generation units,
situated on a fenced and monitored area,
24h physical protection of the building and the surroundings,
access control system (SKD) and registration of events,
advanced fire systems

Excellent communication
three independent fiber-optic tracks,
operator hubs of the leading telecommunication operators,
nearly 3000 km of our own 3S fiber-optic network.

Experience supported by guarantees and credentials
TIER 3 standard,
level of services availability guaranteed by the Service Level Agreement (SLA),
atisfied and loyal Customers from the most demanding sectors,
first prize IT Future Award in the category of Data Center Leader.

The reliability of 3S Data Center facility is confirmed by an independent certificate including a detailed study, which acknowledges the fulfilment of the guidelines of TIA-942 standard at the level of TIER III.



  • Website:
  • Address: Gospodarcza Str. 12 40-432 Katowice